vCloud Platform: Sample Features

vCloud Platform is loaded with features for service providers and operators. It includes powerful billing system, online sign up, and payment gateway interface. It integrates multiple hosted v Office, v Center software and VidaTone/VidaTeam services with virtualization technologies. As a service provider, you can provide unified communication services to various companies from small to big.

Feature Description
PBX (vCloud Office) features included All of the features in vCloud Office are included in the vCloud Platform as hosted services.
Multi-tenant partitioning Provide services, on one server, to thousands of SMBs, chain stores, or divide your company into departments.
Multiple protocol supports Inbound and outbound trunks using SIP, E1, T1, SS7 protocols for PSTN connections. SIP and XMPP protocols for client devices or software.
Billing system Prepay, Post-pay, Flat-rate with metered billing plans with group billing and basic accounting functions. Optional reseller modules.
Distributed and Scalable vCloud Platform consists multiple functional servers, like Billing System, User Management, Trunking Gateways, Authentication Gateways, Call Servers, Media Servers and Network Storages. They are all stackable or distributed to different locations.
Amazon AWS ready vCloud platform base software (vOffice version) can be activated in any AWS regions with only few mouse clicks. Just log in your AWS account and search vCloud in AWS Marketplace. Contact us to have it vCloud Platform.
Custom Features Description
Contact Center (vCloud Call Center) features All of the features in vCloud Call Center can be included in the vCloud Platform as hosted plug-a-play services.
Web sign up automation Web-based functions to sign up users or businesses through the Internet. Users can order phone numbers and tailor their system to fit their needs.
Payment gateway integrations Integrations with payment gateways like Paypal, major credit cards and the payment gateways at your choice.
Group chats, audio and video meetings Group chats, audio/video meetings using XMPP. Extra features like file transfer, desktop sharing.
Open standards and support BYOD vCloud Platform uses industry open standard protocols, and is compatible with most of the manufacturer's products, like IP phones, soft phones or IM applications. As an end user, you can Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) for the services.
Redundancy vCloud Platform can be configured with hot standby servers that can be switched over automaticlly when there is a service interruption.
Client Device Auto Provision Plug-a-play client devices by entering the device MAC address into the platform and power them up. The system will generate the encrypted configuration files for the client devices for downloading. It's easy and secure!