Features in VidaTeam Service

Except the basic PBX features, VidaTeam also has the following advanced features:

Features Description Description (Standard Features)
Web portals for Admin & End Users

Web portals for Admin & End Users:

Web portals for both business admin and end user with difference privileges. Admin can easily manage extensions, ACD queues, IVR menus, speed dial, inbound routings and etc. All of the following features are managable by youself, or even a secretary. You are in full control of it !

Call Detail Record (CDR) Logging

Call Detail Record (CDR) Logging:

Both admin and end users can retrieve their CDRs in realtime. Admin can also sort call recording files by sorting CDRs.

Remote IP Extensions

Remote IP Extensions:

Plug a SIP phone or soft phone into your network at home or any other location and it functions just like the extensions in the office. Great for teleworkers or for keeping connected to your business when you're at home or on the road.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD):

Works with industry standard SIP phones, standard analog telephones and selected IP soft phones. Get the phones you want to meet everyone’s needs.  Mix and match, it’s your choice!
HD audio, video calls

HD audio, video calls:

Place High Definition audio/video calls through IP network., Compatible with most of the SIP devices, software or smart phone apps.

Dial-By-Name Directory

Dial-By-Name Directory:

Callers can select an extension by dialing the name of the person they want to reach.

Ring Groups

Ring Groups:

Send calls to all local extensions defined in a group. Ring more than one extension simultaneously. You can also add a phone line (like cell phone) into a Ring Group.

Call Transfer, Hold/Park

Call Transfer, Hold/Park:

Send calls to any phone number, local or remote extension, a ring group, speed-dial, or voice mailbox.

Call Forwarding (Robotic)

Call Forwarding (Robotic):

Forward calls to other extension, or outside phone lines, based on self-defined time and schedule.

3-Way Calling

3-Way Calling

Connect up to 3 parties on one phone call.



Place calls from one extension to another by dialing 3 or 4 digits

Call Hold/Pickup

Call Hold/Pickup

Pick up calls from other extensions.

Public Announcement

Public Announcement:

Connect to a PA system, or make announcements through the speakers of selected SIP telephones.

Voicemail & voicemail to E-mail

Voicemail & voicemail to E-mail

Built-in voicemail saves you paying monthly for phone company voicemail, and it's centralized, so you don't have to check different mailboxes for cell and office phones. You can also have your voicemail sent to you by email that including the voicemail in an audio file.

Time-Based routing

Time-Based routing

Handle incoming calls differently at different times of the day, days of the week and on holidays. Professionally handle calls during and after regular business hours.

Phone Number management

Phone Number management:

Each assigned inbound number can be routed to an extension, a queue, an IVR, voicemail and etc. You can define time conditions for each routing rules, For example, you can by-pass the auto-attendant and get callers directly to the right person, or department.

Black List

Black List:

Manage your own black list to block unwanted calls.

Speed dial

Speed dial:

Define and manage your own speed dial and route/transfer your calls by dialing less digits. Very useful to assign a speed dial number to a queue/ring group, if an agent wants to transfer a call to a group of people or deportment.



Click any phone number in end user portal to initiate a call. All the phone numbers are clickable, whether it's in company phone book, individule contacts, or call detail records,

Free softphone and mobile app Download from our web site and install them on your devices
Expandable Stackable systems. From 1 to 1000s of users,  grow when you grow, 1 line at a time.
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

Busy Lamp Field (BLF):

See who is on the phone or available to receive calls with the use of BLF enabled SIP phones. Great for receptionists and companies that answer calls live instead of routing everything through the auto-attendant.

Advanced ACD queues

Advanced ACD queues:

Extensive and customizable ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Queues can be used to distribute incoming calls to specific resources (agents) in your call center. ACDs hold queued calls in First In, First Out order until agents become available. 

Conference Room

Conference Room:

Dedicated conference room to hold conference for up to 100 people

Auto Attendant IVRs

Auto Attendant IVRs:

Define your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menus, greet callers with recorded messages that offer touchtone choices and connect callers to extensions, ring group, ACD queues, conference room, or even an outside phone number. It's like having your own receptionist 24 hours a day. It's so easy to configure, even a secretary can do it !

Voice Prompts

Voice Prompts:

Record and upload voice prompts, make changes to your greetings or your IVR by yourself.

On-hold Music

On-hold Music:

Upload music or advertisements. Play different music/ads when calls on hold, or use music as ringback tone for any of the extensions.

Call Routing Robot

Call Routing Robot:

Configure the robot to manage your inbound calls.The robot detects the caller ID and routes the incoming call based on time, call history, data captured, dynamic bindings, or self-learning. For example, route calls directly to the agent who answered the call last time, without going through the IVR menu.

Call Recording

Call Recording:

Abilities to record call conversation for each seat, and/or queue. Recording files will be kept for 6 months. You can search, play, compress and download voice files online in your business admin account.

Wallboard Display Monitor unlimited number of ACD queues on big TV screens anywhere!
Virtual Operator Panel

Virtual Operator Panel:

The panel shows detailed PBX activities, like who is talking and to whom, call durations, held calls, queued calls, and etc. It lets you control your phone and perform transfers, launch call spying and whisper, monitor queue activities and more, all from your web browser, without installing anything on the client side.

Real-time & Historical Reports

Real-time & Historical Reports:

A web based tool lets you run reports over your ACD queue activities, like how many calls were abandoned/answered, by whom, call durations, wait times, call distribution per hour, day, week, month, day of week, agent session times, pause durations, and etc. It also has a realtime display where you can pause/unapuse or remove members from queues.