Vida Api

Do you want your customers to make phone calls from your app, website, or any devices? No problem, it's just an one-click away!

vCloud platform opens API functions to social media providers, mobile apps, company web sites, and any IoT devices. The APIs provides the abilities covering from opening an account, to managing phone calls, all by yourself.

Supercharge Telecom abilities to your offerings and build your own multi-channel, rich communication services!

Capabilies delivered:

  • IP-PBX functions, IVR, ACD
  • Local numbers in 60+ countries
  • Click-to-call from any devices
  • Time-based routing rules
  • Smart call routings
  • Web signup, instant activation
  • Use cases:

  • Social media network
  • Value-added services for carriers
  • CRM/ERP integrations
  • Click-to-call for company Web site
  • Call back on IoT devices

  • Click-to-Call, an example:

    Click-to-Call allows you to embed a clickable button to make phone calls directly from your web site. You can also integrate it into your apps, or any of your IoT devices. Here is an example of how it works in your web site.

    A form pops up when your visitor clicks the phone button. Once the form is submited, your VidaTeam agents will receive popup messages on their web interfaces. Click the phone number in the message to initiate the call to the visitor. The call can send your customer to your extension, an ACD queue or any cell phone based on the configuration by your PBX administrator.

    Integrating the Click-to-Call function is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Just contact us to get your API ID, credential and pass code, then post the above form to us.