What is hosted VidaTeam service

VidaTeam service is an IP PBX or Contact Center service hosted in the cloud. With our VidaTeam service, you can inter-connect your remote offices together and get local numbers from USA, Canada, UK, German, Italy, France, China and most of the major cities in the world. One system can serve your needs anywhere, remote offices, work at home employees, mobile workers, call center support or sales teams …, the possibilities are endless. Best of all, you manage and customize your service remotely to meet your special requirements. Sign up now and explore it by yourself!

  • No equipment investment or circuit leasing.
  • Pay-as-you-go to enjoy our professional managed services hosted on our telephony servers in the "Cloud"
  • Integrate with a variety of SIP and XMPP enabled devices to further expand your existing communication capability to mix and match our services with your existing infrastructure
  • Bring your own devices, even SIP client apps on smart phones
  • Digital HD voice and video
  • Free calls between your employees, lowest international rates
  • 100% web based, 99.999% up time

Major features

  • Free download of apps/software or use any recommended third party SIP devices as your office extensions/call center seats
  • Free audio/video calls between extensions.
  • Self-configurable Daytime, Night, Holiday IVR menus
  • Wizard for configuring time-based call routing rules
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) queues and ring group
  • Separate voicemails for business admin and office extensions
  • On-hold music, call transfer, park, forwarding and etc.
  • BLF (Busy Lamp Fields)
  • Conference
  • Web portals for admin and employees
  • Visual office phonebook and contacts
  • Auto provisioning, plug-n-play
  • Open API, robotic click-to-dial
  • Unlimited free calls between extensions. Lowest international rates
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Optional features

  • Call recording for ACD queues and/or extensions (on-demand, or always-on)
  • Real-time CDRs and online player of recording files
  • Online recording file manager
  • Dashboard for receiptionist, call center supervisors or agents
  • Call monitoring, spying/whispering and internal chat
  • Screen popup of external programs (e.g. CRM, help desk) for incoming calls
  • Statistics and Conprehension reports for your call center, queues and agents
  • Realtime Wallboard for ACD queue status and stats
  • Local phone numbers and toll free numbers from USA, Canada, UK, German, France, Italy, China and major cities in the world.
  • Customization and integration services
  • 7/24 support
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