VIDA Contact Center Product: Sample Features

VIDA Contact Center software product is loaded with features that small and medium businesses need and big businesses take for granted, including features that cost extra on other IP PBX systems and contact centers. With VIDA Centact Center software installed in your company, you don't pay extra every month!

Feature Description
PBX (vOffice) features All of the features in VIDA Office are included in VIDA Contact Center product. In addition, VIDA Contact Center includes a complete and feature rich call center  features.
Advanced ACD queues Extensive and customizable ACD Queues. ACD with Skills Based Routing and Queue Prioritization
Automatic Predictive Dialer for Outbound Campaigns. automatic self pacing FCC compliant Predictive Dialer with Preview and Agent Ready dialing capabilities
Graphic Dial Plan builder GUI based Dial Plan Builder to create sophisticated IVR or call routing rules
Agent web-based screen Web based Agent Screens or native Windows client using API based on .NET or TCP/IP socket library
  • Configurable Agent Screen
  • Customizable Screen Layout and Contents
  • Customizable Wrap codes / Disposition
  • Custom Break/DND codes
  • Transfers (Blind/3-way/Consultative)
  • Nail-up and Dial-in feature for Voice
  • Multi-page scripts
  • Client - Info and Incoming Call Details
  • Customizable Agent Screens to fit your look and feel requirements
Agent Screen Script Builder

Advanced Script Builder tool for customizing scripts in Agent Screens

  • GUI based WYSWYG Script builder
  • Embeded Text with data from the leads and system
  • Create different types of custom fields
  • Trigger various actions like call recording
  • Multi-page script with jump from one page to other based on customer response
  • Integrate your web applications
  • Open web application by passing parameters in the command line within the Script Builder
  • Assign Scripts to Lists (outbound) and Queues(inbound)
CRM integration Lead and List Management with a comprehensive CRM
Screen pop-up Integrate your web enabled CRM to the Inbound/Outbound pop-up
Contact Center Performace Dashboard and Wallboard Reports
Voice Recording and Encryption Integrated CTI platform to provide IVR and Voice Recording
Live Transfer and monitoring Transfer calls to other agents (Live, Assisted and Consultative)
Real-time and Historical Reports
  • Live and Statistical Reports
  • Live Listening and Call recording
  • Wallboards
  • Live Agent Queue Status
  • ACD Queue Reports
  • Agent Performance Report
  • Queue Performance Report
  • Agent Time profiles
  • Adhoc Report Builder
Multi-tenants contact centers
  • One system is devided into multiple call center application for multiple companies or departments
  • APIs to support automatic web sign up
  • Web-based management interfaces with different privileges.