Build your own VidaTeam services

Are you a service provider, property manager, or a traditional carrier? Are you looking for a reliable, scalable, feature-rich, cloud-based and multitenant PBX platform? No more search needed, no more investment either! We can work together to offer VidaTeam services to your customers.

Vida Network offers three types of products installations. vOffice Pro Edition, vCallCenter and the vCloud Platform. Each product expands on the capabilities of the offering before it. All our products come with the ability to integrate with our hosted services through SIP protocols. You may want to deploy these products inside your own network and interconnect with our existing vCloud Platform to supercharge the capacity of your inbound and outbound calls. You become a service provider to your own business customers. You can leverage the vCloud Platform for your internal voice communications while offering virtual PBX and calling card services to additional companies around the globe. All from the same platform. The choice is yours!

Are you a service provider, property manager, or a traditional carrier? Are you looking for a stable, reliable, feature-rich, cloud-based and multitenant PBX platform? No more search needed, no more investment either! We can work together to offer VidaTeam services to your customers.

  • For smaller companies, we recommend you to take advantage of our hosted VidaTeam service.
  • For companies or branch offices with 20 to 500 employees, our Office IP-PBX Pro Edition will provide you the best solution.
  • For call center applications, you may want to deploy our Office Call Center product.
  • For service providers or property managers, you may want to take a closer look at our vCloud platform.
  • Additional office products like VCRM are available as yous needs grow.
  • Need mobile solutions, our VidaTone app will run on your Android device and put your office in your hand.

All our products run on industry standard servers allowing you to choose what hardware fits best with your existing IT infrastructure. Out grow a server; add another and have them function as one via our interconnection software. Each product supports a variety of telephones from analog telephones to SIP phones, soft-phones to cell phones and even SIP apps on smart phones. Mix and match to meet each user's needs.

Vida Network delivers a suite of IP based communications services and products that allow your organization to offer alike services or communicate effectively in today's global market. Our services and products allow you to communication for free by audio/video, chat and desktop sharing. Our services also support most manufactures devices or software that allow you to use your own devices (BYOD). We pride ourselves on the flexibility and scalability of these offerings while standing behind their dependability.

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vOffice: IP-PBX Pro Edition


vOffice Pro Edition is a full featured IP-PBX office phone system typically used in businesses with less than 500 employees.

Pro-Edition's all-in-one software architecture offers the ability to mix and match a broad set of features within select user groups.

Full featured applications for IP PBX, hunt groups, uniform call distribution, interactive voice response, unified messaging, presence management, and real-time monitoring are all included to improve your bottom-line.

Deploy add-on applications such as, conferencing, faxing, multichannel recording, outbound dialing, or screen-pop and gain all the capabilities utilized in large enterprises at a price you can afford.


vCallCenter is a Call Center system that delivers all the functionality of vOffice Pro Edition plus advanced ACD queuing, agent monitoring and statistics packages to deliver inbound contact center capabilities previously only available at prices most small businesses couldn't afford. Now you can interact with your customers via the phone, your webpage, email, fax or IM all from one unified communications platform.

Improve your call center bottom-line by having the right agent handling the right calls at the right time, no matter where those agents are located, at the main office, in a remote office, on the road or working from home. With VIDA Office Call Center, free your agents to work anywhere at anytime!

Step up to our optional Customer Relationship Management package consisting of modules that align your business processes and information with your customer interactions allowing all your employees to access the information they need when they need it! (learn more)

Already using another CRM package? Activate our SOAP based API and interface your existing investment with VIDA Office Call Center. Need some help? Just give us a call we'll be happy to help.

Call Center

Vida Cloud Platform for Service Providers


Vida Cloud Platform is designed for service providers offering services such as calling cards, international dialing, single-line service, video calling, cloud based IP-PBXs or call centers and CRM that require extensive billing capabilities, multi-tenant partitioning and scalability. Enterprises will also find this platform valuable in situations where multiple subsidiaries/departments contract for services from an IT or telephony department with P&L responsibilities (internal service provider).

vCloud offers all the features of vOffice Pro Edition and vCallCenter, a Call Center application, with the addition of our extensive billing system, support for multiple virtual PBXs/ call centers(multi-tenant) and our optional calling card and reseller billing applications.

Whether you are a small service provider with your first client or an established provider with thousands of clients. Vida Cloud can be scaled to your needs and budget. Purchase only what you need to get started and expand as you land more business. You can even add just one line at a time!

Through the use of Vida Cloud's extensive billing system you have the flexibility to set-up each customer with a unique billing plan. Define mark-up and discount plans, pre-pay or post pay, credit card or invoice; even pay on-line. Adjust billing by individual user or bundle into groups for corporate accounts.

For ideas on how Vida Cloud can be a success for you please visit our hosted services section to see some of our unique offerings, then let your imagination go to work on how Vida Cloud can help make your business unique.

It is your operation you make the decisions, Vida Cloud delivers the tools to make your business a success!