Commertial Support


Support Levels and Benefits VidaTeam Users
Level 1
VidaTeam Users
Level 2
Resellers / Partners
Level 3
Resellers / Partners
Level 4
Included Systems (By SerialNo) N/A N/A 1 1
Named Contacts 1 1 1 up to 3
Supported Service / Software (1)
vCloud Platform
vCloud Platform Add-Ons (2)
Problem Resolution Support (3)        
Include Cases (Incidents) 10 20 10 20
Remote Troubleshooting
Telephone Access Hours 12 x 5 (EST) 24 x 7 12 x 7 (EST) 24 x 7
24 x 7 Urgent Support Call
Web Case Management
Web Case Initial Response Time 48 Hours 8 Hours 12 Hours 8 Hours
Guaranteed Service Level Agreement
One (1) Year Agreement (USD) Free $1,995 $4,995 $7,995
Three (3) Year Agreement (USD) Free $5,385 $14,785 $21,585
Additional System (By SerialNo) N/A N/A $995 $1,995

Case-by-case support (4
               Regular:  $155/hr

$125/hr $95/hr $125/hr $95/hr

1 Supported Software: Support Levels 1-4 cover vCloud Platforms, add-on components that installed by Vida Network certified professionals.

2 Such as Dashboard, Digital Display service, auto provisioning service, and API middleware server,

3 Problem Resolution Support: Need help? Vida Network's technical support team is there to back you up. If you require assistance with installation, have configuration questions, or need some help troubleshooting, then give us a call. Or open a case from the Vida Network customer support portal. In either case Vida Network will work with you to make your communication solution a success.

4 Support requests that are not covered by the Supported Services, like customization project or escalated bug fixes.

The terms of subscriptions are governed by the formal VidaTeam and vCloud Support Agreement. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Please refer to the agreement for the full legal details of your Support. In the event that this page and the formal agreement disagree over a point, the VidaTeam and vCloud Support Agreement takes precedence.